Intuist Unique Edge

Discover the transformative power of Conversational AI Platform (CAP), your ultimate partner in navigating the complexities of digital interaction and document management. Engage, inquire, and innovate with unparalleled ease and efficiency.

Enhanced Website Navigation

Elevate your website experience with our conversational AI, designed to simplify navigation and enhance user engagement. Our advanced vector embeddings enable visitors to effortlessly interact and discover your products and services through natural conversations.

Empower Your Enterprise CAP transforms your internal operations, offering secure and powerful tools for marketing, sales, technical support, and PR. Effortlessly generate presentations, blog posts, sales pitches, and technical documents tailored to your enterprise's needs.

Innovate in Grant Writing and RFPs

Transform the daunting tasks of grant writing and responding to RFPs into a streamlined process. Our AI's learning capabilities allow you to create precise, compelling applications by understanding the nuances of your project or proposal.

Streamline Survey Creation

Crafting surveys is now effortless with CAP. Specify your requirements, and let our AI generate engaging surveys with tailored questions and answers, enhancing your data collection process.

Transform Data into Insights

With just a click, CAP becomes a powerful analytics tool. Analyze unstructured data to extract meaningful insights, compare competitor strategies, or review scientific papers with precision, aiding your strategic decisions.