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Welcome to Intuist Edge, where the future of Conversational AI Platforms (CAP) unfolds. At the cutting-edge of innovation, Intuist Edge redefines the boundaries of CAP by introducing three unparalleled features designed to empower your business in ways never imagined.

Function Calling

Break new ground with our Function Calling feature, seamlessly integrating APIs to weave the results into captivating, flowing conversations. Transform the way you interact with your users, making every interaction a dynamic and enriched experience.

PowerPoint Conversion

Transform CAP responses into compelling PowerPoint presentations with just a click. This revolutionary feature not only saves time but also enhances the way presentations are created, making them more engaging and informative.

Proactive Agent

Elevate your CAP into a proactive agent with unparalleled ease. Set the tone and mission, and witness as CAP initiates conversations proactively, engaging users in meaningful interactions that are empathetic, professional, motivational, and more.